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delicious Meats

Most all of our meats are slow smoked over hickory for 8-12+ hours to develop that delicious slow smoked flavor. We source only the highest quality fresh meats and spices available for a flavor that you just can't beat!

Pulled Pork BBQ - Slow smoked, tender and juicy,mixed with our sweet BBQ sauce.  Lightly seasoned. A favorite among all.

Smoked Pit Beef - Our specialty, slow smoked hickory smoked tender beef that melts in your mouth.

Tender Pit Ham - We source the leanest most flavorful ham you will ever taste, mild salt.

Smoked Beef Brisket - Hickory smoked, tender, juicy and spiced to perfection. Fall apart tender.

Smoked Pulled Chicken -  Slow smoked and shredded spiced with our own special rub. With sauce or without.

Italian Sausage - Our own custom ground sausage links with unbeatable Italian spice and flavor. Mild in heat.

Polish Style Kielbasa - Delicious Polish style sausage grilled to perfection.

Cheese Steak - Marinated & spiced grilled steak sauteed with sweet onions and melted american cheese.

Angus Cheeseburger - A hearty 1/4 Angus cheeseburger grilled and spiced to perfection!

All Beef Hot Dog -  The best ever hot dog with a smokey meaty flavor, grilled and delicious.

All options include: Premium heavy duty disposable plates, disposable utensils, paper napkins, carrying trays, sandwich toppings such as grilled peppers and onions, fresh sweet onions and bell peppers, an assortment of condiments, and a choice of sauces.

We serve our sandwiches on freshly baked 6" steak rolls(unless otherwise specified). Kaiser rolls also available.


Delicious SIDES

Fresh Cut French Fries - Real Idaho potatoes cooked perfectly golden and served smoking hot! (Melted Cheddar & Chili also available)

All White Meat Chicken Tenders - Plump, all-white chicken tenders fried Southern style. Great with our signature sauces.

Jumbo Corn Dogs - Delicious honey dipped and batter coated frank cooked to perfection every time. We use the #1 Brand available. State Fair Corn Dogs.

BBQ Bake Beans - Some of the best baked beans you'll ever eat.

Cole Slaw - Creamy, sweet & slightly tangy, delicious on top of our Pork BBQ.

Potato Salad - Creamy and delicious, a delicious reliable favorite for parties and picnics.

Macaroni Salad - Sweet and tangy, colorful and flavorful.

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks -   Served with Marinara and batter fried to perfection.

Fried Pickles -  Fried to Perfection, bursting with dill flavor and a kick! Served with buttermilk ranch.

Breaded Fried Butterfly Shrimp - Bursting with flavor, these make great appetizers. Served with cocktail sauce.

Sweets and Desserts


Hand Dipped Hershey's Ice Cream - Hand dipped vanilla, chocolate and strawberry available. 

Fresh Fruit Smoothies - Creamy and delicious sweet strawberry and strawberry banana smoothies made fresh.

Genuine Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cakes - A delicious crispy golden cake served fresh and hot with your choice of powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar. Our batter is a blue medal winning recipe you will love!  

Deep Fried Oreo Cookies - Authentic Oreo cookies deep fried in our funnel cake batter till golden brown, topped with powdered sugar and chocolate syrup.

Double Chocolate Fudge Brownies - Our own homemade recipe, delicious and freshly baked. 

Homemade Apple Dumplings - Delicious sweet apples wrapped and baked to golden brown, covered in our butter cinnamon sauce.

Chocolate Chip Cookies - Delicious large chocolate chip cookies always freshly baked. Great for snacking. 


 We offer: Pepsi Fountain Sodas, Bottled Spring Water, Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, Fresh Brewed Iced Tea, Hot Coffee & Hot Lipton Tea.


Levels of service offered

We offer the following for all catered events.  If you are an event promoter that requires a different type of set up and service, such as for a public festival or event, please call us directly or see our form on the Contact Us page or click here.

First, decide on your level of service. Please See Frequently Asked Questions for additional answers. 

Pickup or Delivery Service (10 person minimum)

Have your order delivered fresh, hot and ready to eat or chilled for later service. Food will be bulk backed in aluminum pans. All paper products, eating and serving utensils will be included. Reheating instructions included.

Delivery charge depending on location.

Delivered & Setup ( 10 person minimum)

We deliver your order & set it up on your tables using your equipment.

Full Service (75 person minimum) Recommended! On-Site Cooking and Catering

100% Complete on-site cooking and catering. We arrive, set up, serve your guests, quickly and professionally, serving either directly from our food truck or buffet line. We make sure everyone has enough to eat, then pack up and clean our area and depart. We provide all needed equipment to serve, including premium plates, utensils and all paper goods.

Ala Carte Ordering

All options include: Premium heavy duty disposable plates, disposable utensils, paper napkins, carrying trays, condiments, sandwich toppings and a choice of sauces.

  Have more questions ?  Click here for our Frequently Asked Questions Page

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Just have to say, I’ve tried alot of BBQ pork but that was the best sub I’ve ever had!
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